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VDC Misano 2022

VDC Misano World Circuit 2022

FULL Changelog from 2021 Version

– new lights – a few added lights
– lowered track light brightness and lights turn on way earlier
– smoothed out the yellow lines for the outside zones
– csp grass that better matches the real life counterpart
– oz4 wall collider much smoother – no more “Beyblading”
– track banners updated
– couple of extra “props”
– working crowd
– full rework on ext file
– various shader updates
– lowered obj count
– added skid marks & wall lights
– various tweaks to ext file for better night time performance
– removed pit crew
– removed some of the unneeded crowd

Big Thanks as always to @Jonathan Simpson for his skid marks, various props used around the track and wall lights!


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