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VDC Sturup 2022


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VDC Sturup Raceway 2022

Full Change Log from 2021 Version

– Start Gate moved back 10ft or so
– Initiation Boundary Line (center line before Entry Line)
– OZ4 Wall Rebuilt
– OZ5 Wall Rebuilt and moved back 1ft or so
– Guard Railing at OZ3 moved further off track
– Guard Railing leaving OZ4 moved further off track
– Added Skid Marks
– Added Crowd
– Added Track Lights
– Added various ‘props’ around the track
– Pitboxes moved closer to Start Gate
– Lowered Object Count
– Performance Optimizations to textures
– Updated Textures
– Updated Shaders
– Fixed open seams around the track (holes)
– Small changes to Replay/Track Cams

Thanks to @Jonathan Simpson for adding skid marks – and for the various props used around the track!

Track Showcase

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