Adria Drift Series
This year, just like we promised, we've been working on something big, something never seen before. Judging by our last official race that was held on Krško, we decided to go for a full on season, bringing you 4 races throughout the year, all of which contain different configurations to test your drifting capabilities.

We brought mindbogglingly fast tracks like Grobnik, using its elevation to bring a new taste to drifting, where one mistake can be the end of your day. We are exceptionally proud of creating a layout on a track where no one else saw potential in, and we cannot wait to see you try it out when the date comes!

Spicing it up with technical tracks like the good old Krsko we drove last year, the year and the schedule is looking stacked and we can promise you, the tracks will bring out the best out of our drivers and the show that will happen will forever stay engraved in your memories.

We have been working very hard to bring the best of the best regions tracks can provide and we cannot share how much we are excited to share the news with you. More information about partners and rewards soon. 😎

Will you be the first Adria Drift Series Online champion?
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