Championnat de France partie 1 After many ups and downs, the time has finally come! The DOORBREAKER’z team is proud to present you the first part of the French Championship car pack! All the cars have been developed, All cars have been developed, tuned and refined until the car exactly matches the feeling of the driver with the IRL car! 5 cars compose this part 1: BMW 135i Denis Bertrand BMW E92 Mathias Locattelli BMW E92 Jérémy Mérirès BMW E36 Lou Fourel BMW E30 Jaime Fourel First of all, a huge THANK YOU to the drivers who played the game by participating in the development of the cars! Denis Bertrand, Mathias Locattelli, Jérémy Mérirès, Jaime and Lou Fourel were able to follow and validate the creation of the cars! A very big thank you to all those who participated in the creation of this car: MACEDO, DB’z//El Morado, DB’z//Olive, DB’z//Mano, OuHah, Jessy, RVSound, SCIBSOUND (sorry if we forgot someone) The French Drift Championship for the Official Banners and sponsors! All the Beta Testers, the DOORBREAKER’z Discord Regulars, KLUTCH Visuals for the crazy real ones! Like (0) Dislike (0)
BMW 135I DENIS BERTRAND BMW E92 MATHIAS LOCATTELLI BMW E92 JéRéMY MéRIRèS BMW E36 LOU FOUREL BMW E30 JAIME FOUREL Share this Car Pack Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by DOORBREAKER’z Published on 01 May 2023
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