Pods Drift Chicken Tandoori fun My Newest Release is a New.. Drift… Game? Let’s Call It… Objective. Hold the Throttle Down and Tweak Those Angles Hard and Long and You Might Just Get a Sweet Shot Of Your Friend Face to Face. I’ve Spent a Lot Of Time Tuning the 2 Lines That Switch Each Lap. Start Together and Enjoying Battling To Overtake and Just Miss Over and Over Lap after Lap. Have Input and Help Test My Track/Car Builds Daily On My Discord (Select Assetto Car/Track Tester Role) Curating a Community of Great Drifters Who Love To Tandem and Drive All Sorts of Cars and Trucks. https://discord.gg/KuPY98W7Tn My Server – https://cutt.ly/X9wrkqM (Downloads Also Available here for Cars) Like (0) Dislike (0)
Share this Track Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Pods Published on 27 Feb 2023
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